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Nelson Reguera

Dancer - Choreographer

I am a traveler, a dancer, and organiser of images in time and space, I am a dreamer, observer of the world and people around me.

Nelson Reguera
Born in Santa Clara, Cuba, September 1979. Started dancing at the age of eleven. Study in the National Art School of Cuba, Cuban Modern Technique, Afro Cuban Folklore, Ballet and Choreographic composition.

Wild Swans, Australian Ballet, Meryl Tankard

The ensamble executes some breathtaking, coilings, clockwork backflips - none better than Nelson Reguera

Chris Boyd | The Weekend Australian Financial Review | May 2013

Robinson Crusoe | Theatre of Image, Kim Carpenter

Nelson Reguera's Friday enters the tale only at its midpoint but instantly gets the laughter flowing with hhis easygoing and practical behaviour.

Newcastle Herald

Dance Works Most of the dance works

Company Lakoma | dancer / assistant
The new creation has a unique set design - huge light metal pyramids, that functions like a moveable, extraordinary labyrinth on stage.
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Company Lakoma | 2008
The tense theatrical pulsation of male and female roles, loneliness and togetherness, suffering and happiness, egoism and objectiveness call us to realize ourselves.
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The Hidden Men
Company Lakoma | Pal Frenak
Beyond being a beautiful work about the masculine body, the use of space and falls as tools of a choreographic expression, the piece is an immersion in the unconsciousness of boys and men.
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