Inspired by the courage of the people around the world they leave their country by the sea risking their lives to find a better place.



Momentos was an inspiration of film and body in space, how we can wake up in a neutral space and thrive with movements to make it a life. The body as a product. Rewinding the end to let go of the pleasure and disappearing in the light of the moment.



Represent the combine multiple elements in one single element. Defined by its own layout, Nelson Reguera and Gergő Bukta will embed several fragments to present in a one single activity. When two individuals in different line come a cross forming a single element of a fragment itself.



Oda is two small dance pieces as part of a project, a solo and a duo. As an individual confronted with separation from all the rest, and as a duo understanding the meaning of the other.


Desde El Fango

Nelson is Cuban, he left his country 20 years ago. international dancer and choreographer, he now has the opportunity to indulge himself in the nude for the first time in front of his family, but also to interact with Cuban dancers.


Passing Through

This is a small project, live and on video. Music VRSN Salomon Ligthelm Dancers - Andrea Horvath, Vivian Ferencz, Milan Maurer