Keep in Touching

Keep in Touching

Two dancers, Viktória Dányi and Nelson Reguera Perez examine all what is underlying a relationship between two people through this endlessly repeated, routine-like gesture.

In three chapters the performance presents three different variations in a playful and abstract manner leaving a ground for the viewers for free associations. Harmonised steps and turns, interlace of hands inextricably holding onto one another basic motifs that grow into more and more complex dance combinations slowly abandoning rules and restrictions.

The production was realised within the Staféta Programme initiated by the Budapest Municipality.

  • Music: Vince Varga
  • Pro. manager: Anikó Rácz
  • Supporters: A SÍN production, Open Latitudes3, Budapest Municipality, Ministry of Human Resources, MU Theatre

keep in touching1
keep in touching2
keep in touching3
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