cuban dancers wearing colorful kimonos performing brutal

Brutal is a dance performance that uses the chaos created by COVID-19 as an inspiration. It reflects on the physical and emotional alignments, deprivations, contradictions, fears and struggles of people stuck in limited spaces.

Through movement and powerful visual cues, Brutal explores how individual and collective emotions can be expressed in moments.

The performance evokes feelings of despair, hope, and resilience in a way that is both powerful and thought-provoking. Brutal guides audiences through an imaginative journey that reveals how we can find strength even in times of tragedy and uncertainty.

Brutal is a reminder that we are all connected even in our most desperate moments.

  • Company : Rosario CĂĄrdenas & Momentos
  • General and artistic direction : Rosario CĂĄrdenas
  • Choreography and staging : Nelson Reguera
  • Dancers : Yaddiel Espinosa, Yariel Espinosa, Ernesto GonzĂĄlez, Dayana Montalvo, Dayler Álvarez, Luis Antonio Salazar Fajardo.
  • Original Music : David MartĂ­nez GonzĂĄlez
  • Other Music : Fabrice Planquette
  • Ploole & the Tremeloes : Someone someone
  • Lights : Roberto GonzĂĄlez & Nelson Reguera
  • Photography & Video : Miguel Anaya
  • Original Design print of Kimonos : Rosario CĂĄrdenas
  • Public Relations : Doria Alderete
  • Manager in charge of production : Ramon Calzadilla